Biodegradable Leggings

I’m a Yoga teacher. I’m a mother. I’m a citizen of Earth. I feel these things make me mindful of how we consume. Recent work by Greenpeace Germany, reports ‘recycling is not the solution‘ to the growing problem of textile waste. Greenpeace highlights the failings of ‘fast fashion’ – poorly made clothing, not crafted to last – and the need to re-think our consumption. We are seeking to be part of the solution by offering affordable, high-quality, biodegradable leggings.

Abacaxi Rei Biodegradable Leggings

Biodegradable Leggings

We’re bringing a more sustainable product to market. Crafted from an innovative LYCRA, our biodegradable leggings have the same lovely feel as typical LYCRA. However, 50% of the product is decomposed in the first year of being discarded. After 3 years in landfill, the fabric has decomposed entirely. Manufactured by Santa Constancia, these leggings use the first Brazilian biodegradable NYLON thread. Clearly, this fabric has many exciting qualities:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Sustainable manufacturing process
  • Resource optimisation
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • No toxic and harmful chemicals

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Gabi Hayward founded Moov Wear and Moov Yoga to empower women to lead healthy active lives. Based in Peckham, South London, Gabi seeks balance and harmony as a mother, a yoga practitioner and an entrepreneur.

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