Our Story

We are a small, independent start-up based in Peckham, London. Our aim is to bring the best of Brazilian yoga pants to the UK. We offer great quality, affordable and funky yoga leggings to work and train in.

We source some of the most unique and imaginative leggings on the market. Created in very small batches, many of our designs are one-of-a-kind. It is very likely that you will be the only person you know wearing them!

Not only do our yoga pants look outstanding, we strive to offer more eco-friendly and sustainably-made yoga pants. Made in Brazil, sweatshop free, manufacture of our leggings conforms to high labour standards. Moreover, you can choose leggings made with ‘greener’ fabrics.

We are a sister business of Moov Yoga. If you are ever in London and want to practice yoga with us then please get in touch! Find us at moovyoga.co.uk.

Namaste, Gabi x
Gabriela Hayward, Moov Wear and Moov Yoga, London

Yoga Pants Fabrics

Our yoga apparel employs a number of high quality materials with different qualities. We offer yoga pants crafted from: biodegradable LYCRA; thick SUPPLEX; normal LYCRA; and Emana.

Biodegradable LYCRA

You can choose from our more environmentally friendly biodegradable LYCRA leggings. On the one hand, this fabric has the same great feel as normal LYCRA. On the other hand, 50% of the product will decompose within 3 years of being discarded. The fabric is manufactured by Santa Constancia using the first Brazilian biodegradable NYLON thread. Consequently, this fabric has many brilliant qualities:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Sustainable manufacturing process
  • Resource optimisation
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • No toxic and harmful chemicals


Our collection includes many yoga pants fashioned from a thick SUPPLEX. This fabric has many advantages. Firstly, it offers the feel of cotton, with the strength and durability of NYLON. In addition, this fabric is soft and smooth to the touch, while resilient and sweat-wicking. Thus, this advanced fibre technology makes SUPPLEX flexible, lightweight and much softer than standard NYLON. Thick SUPPLEX was developed to have the benefits of cotton, without the pitfalls. Therefore, our SUPPLEX fabrics have many advantages for active wear:

  • Anti-abrasion
  • Breathable
  • Shape retention
  • Anti-tear
  • Waterproof
  • Quick drying
  • Holds color
  • Can be UV protective

When combined with LYCRA fibre, SUPPLEX can bring comfort, fit and freedom of movement. Hence, this fabric is well-suited to active wear for Yoga, Ballet, and Gymnastics.


We offer leggings crafted from LYCRA. Our LYCRA is silky smooth and lightweight. This fabric is designed for freedom of movement. Therefore, it retains its shape and holds its colour regardless of what you put it through. Thus, perfectly suited to active wear, the LYCRA used with these leggings is flexible, breathable, sweat-wicking, buttery-soft and fits like a second skin.


Finally, we carry yoga pants made using Emana. Fine-tuned for athletic performance, this fabric includes bioactive minerals that absorb your body heat. The fabric then ’emanates’ far infrared rays back to your body. In this way, this fabric is able to turn body heat into energy. In turn, the fabric itself can boost your performance. Benefits of wearing Emana include:

  • Metabolic biostimulation
  • Reduction of appearance of cellulite
  • Increased skin elasticity
  • Muscle fatigue reduction

Whatever fabric you choose, you can rest assured that your leggings will fit snugly while providing full freedom of movement.

Be Bold, Be Beautiful

Moov Wear’s mission is to enhance and empower women’s active lifestyles. While wonderfully suited to yoga practice, our yoga pants are also great for the gym and as casual wear. With one of the most unique, vibrant and eye-catching collections of yoga pants in the UK, you can choose amazing, versatile statement pieces that wear well and wear long. We want to know how you rock your leggings; #moovwear on Twitter and Instagram!